All About Me

Full Name: Matt Morrison
Age: 22
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Species: Human. (No, Really)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Brown.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: College Undergraduate (Theatre Arts:Performance Major).
Right or Left Handed: Right, but mostly ambidexterous.
Current Residence: Arlington, Texas
Family: Mother, Father, Brother (one of each)
Wolf (theater nickname, relates to my ability to grow a 5 o'clock shadow by noon.)
Ranting Wacko (old nickname from high school debate)
Stars (relates to my alleged resemblance to Jack Knight from DC Comics' Starman)

Here's me, posing dramatically on the rooftops of Victoria

Personal History:

Matt Morrison was born humbly to his own grandson, Matt Thurston Howell III, in Ohio, while it was still Rhode Island, sometime after the French Revolution. He refused to continue the family tradition of being a professional speller. Instead, at the age of 17 he left home and sought admittance to the Bar. After four years he received and spent most of the family fortune there on Pina Coladas.

Serving heroically in the Civil War, Morrison later admitted that it was in the army he first tasted human flesh. In 1875, he discovered the secret to immortality and eternal youth after an embarrassing mix-up in Western Union deliveries, facilitated by a farsighted rider who couldn't tell 6 from 5 and delivered Matt a package meant to go to a young Dick Clark. In 1892, he aided Thomas Edison in inventing a lesser-known invention: the pornograph. He was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1917. Shortly after his decree that pants were a tool of the devil, he was wounded in an assassination attempt made by the son of bluejeans inventor, Levi Strauss.

Retiring from the papacy, he worked for a brief time as a cabaret dancer before joining the French Resistance in WWII. It was here that he died for the first time, falling victim to the Nazi's deadly "Funniest Joke in the World." Hearing the deadly German joke, his heart burst with laughter. It is said that he uttered, right before he died "If I have but one life to live, let me live it in the Marvel Universe so I might come back next month". No one knew what he meant then, but this gift of prophecy has inspired a group of three fanboys to declare him their true Messiah.

Little is known of what he has done in the 50 years since then, but it is said that he appears to all those who are in need of a good surreal experience.

Okay... if you seriously want to know about me...

As of right now (Fall 2000), I'm a junior at the University of Texas in Arlington. I'm working towards a B.A. of Theatre Arts: Performance. I later plan to get similar degrees in Theatre Arts: Design and possibly go to film school. I'd like to be an actor, but I'm equally interested in the creative work behind the scene.

I just recently left a position at the Theatre Victoria, where in addition to acting I served as the Chairman of Sound for the 1999-2000 season. In addition to training others in the use of the sound equipment, I was responsible for planning and plotting the sound effect and music programs for each show. You can read my theatre resume here.

I also enjoying role-playing in many forms, but mostly on-line Multi-User eXperiences (MUXes). I used to do D&D and WoD a bit, but Victoria (the city I lived in the last four year) didn't have any active RP groups. You can read more about my RP experience on my RP webpage.

I also write for a comics magazine called Fanzing doing reviews, commentary and the occasional fiction. In fact, I just got my very own column, "The Mount".

Here's a bad map pencil sketch of me
dressed as Starman (the Jack Knight one).

I can't think of much else, so here's part of a silly survey I once filled out for my friend Amber.

Favorite TV show: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Favorite city: Austin

Favorite movie: Any movie by Stanley Kurbrick or Kevin Smith, Ghostbusters, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Noises Off.

Favorite magazine : Fanzing (an online magazine I write for) & PC Gamer

Favorite food : Pepperoni Pizza with Green Peppers

Favorite ice cream: Cookies and Cream

Favorite thing to Drink : Jolt Cola or any other high caffeine beverage.

Favorite song: "Smash" by The Offspring, from the "Smash" album

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Talk with friends or see movies.

What's your favorite holiday: Halloween

What's your favorite color: black, dark blues and greens

Best and Favorite advice or quote: "What is the point of being an adult if you can't act like a child once in a while?"-- Mark Twain.

Who's your favorite person: Whoever is not giving me a hard time about anything.

What do you remember most about this year? Various plays, our new acting teacher at the college, running the haunted house, getting a perfect grade on a Government paper, numerous cast parties and movies seen with friends.

Memory (thing) you miss the most of the past year? The one show we did where nobody fought or argued about anything.

What's the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning: Oh damn... that was just a dream?

Does it make you sad to know that you can never go back in time? Very.

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years? Ruling the world, but more than likely I'll be in my parents attic, resting from my job as a shift-manager at Wendy's (Sorry. I'm in a foul mood today...)

What age do you want to get married?: I'm not sure I ever do.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Not reguarly... there was a brief one-night stand with a... oh wait... NO!

If you could dye your hair what color would it be? What hasn't it been? Red or Blue. Do the Seth Green thing with it.

On a scale from 1-10 (1 lowest) how romantic are you?: 8 or 9

If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be?: Never going to happen. I hate needles.

Any piercings? None

Do you believe in yourself? More than I believe in most other people.

Worst feeling in the world? Being unloved or unable to help others

Best feeling in the world? The joy that comes from making other people happy.

Do you get motion sickness? No.

Are you for world Peace? Pah! World Peace is a plot made by Bill Clinton and his alien masters so that the U.N. can take over the world and implant computer chips in the rectum of every man on Earth!!!

What is the best number in the world? You want me to say 69, right?

Would you rather give or receive? See above... you can do both!

Do you play any instruments?: I played guitar, sax and violin at one point or another.

How do you feel about Thunderstorms?: love them

How do you feel about Roller coasters?: Don't really like them. I can think of better ways to get scared than paying 50 bucks to go to a theme park and plunge to my death. Like reading the Texas GOP Platform. Better than Stephen King!

Do you like to drive? sometimes

Chocolate or vanilla cake? chocolate!!!!!

Drinks, with or without ice cubes? With CRUSHED ice.

What's the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery? Set my kid brother up with a trust Fund. Then I'd move myself and as many friends as possible to Austin, and then we'd all live together and I'd offer whatever money was left to charity. Or I'd pay Adam Sandler to NOT do any more movies EVER. (No offense to the Adam fans, but he is starting to get REALLY old with the stupid but sweet guy act.)

Something you've always wanted to try but never have: Tie between something that cannot be mentioned in polite company and going to New Orleans.

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